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Below is the show information.

The 2020 PVIWC Fun Day is a being held this year as a virtual event. Judge for this year's event is Mary Ellen Shriver.

I hope you all have been able to go through all your wolfhound photos. It is time to enter the VIRTUAL FUN DAY. Susan Montgomery has created a Google album to upload your entries. This is a wonderful way to make the best of our current situation. We are disappointed that we cannot attend the Fun Match in person. The Reba's are always excellent hosts each year. It is one of our best attended events of the year. It also provides a fund raising effort for the Club. This year is an opportunity for you to showcase your wolfhound in a way that others may have not seen before. I am excited to enter a number of classes.

Mary Ellen Shriver will be our judge. Susan Montgomery will 'Ring Steward' and organize the entries before sending to the Judge. Each class / entry is $5. ***The deadline to enter is Midnight Sunday September 20.*** The winners should be announced September 27. The entry fee may be paid on the website via PayPal (

Click link here to get to Google photo page.



The conformation classes are as follows:

Puppy Dogs 3-6 months

6-9 months

9-12 months

12-18 months

Puppy Bitch Same as Puppy Dog

Adult Male

Male Veteran 6-9 years

Male Veteran 9+ years

Adult Female

Female Veteran 6-9 years

Female Veteran 9+ years

For the Conformation classes you need to provide two photos -Side Stacked Photo and movement shot and front shot.

The Fun Classes are as follows:

Longest Tail - rear shot showing length of tail

Longest Beard - front shot showing length of beard

Shortest Beard - front shot showing length of beard

Best Head - Front Shot and Profile shot

Dog / Owner Look Alike - Head shot showing each

Silliest Puppy - one shot showing puppy being silly

Funniest Sleeping Position - one shot

Best Ear Hat - shot showing ears

Best Wolfhound in Scenery - one shot

You may enter the fun classes more than once. Example: If you have a Wolfhound in more than one Funniest Sleeping Position you may enter each. Each Photo is considered an additional entry and you need to pay entry for each photo. (unless the requirement is for more than one photo).

Click on link here for the flyer for this year's Fun Day.