Puppy Sweepstakes:
The puppy sweepstakes are divided into age groups and gender, 6-9 months; 9-12 months, 12-15 months, 15-18 months. The sweepstakes are in addition to the regular class conformation judging, and there is an extra enjoyment just in seeing what babies look like and how they behave. Sweeps start early Sunday morning in the main show ring.

Regular Classes:
After all the puppy sweeps judging is done, regular classes of conformation begin (dogs, then bitches) - this usually goes until about 3 or 4 every afternoon both days, culminating in the Best of Breed on Sunday and Monday afternoon.

The obedience trials, which start about 8 a.m. on Saturday, are wonderful to see - some hounds so very focused, some really struggling to get the concept together, all very enjoyable for spectators (there is a great need for well-behaved spectating here). The participants are happy to have lots of support.